LearningRx Reviews Ways to Help Your Teen Excel in High School

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Ways to Help Your Teen Excel in High School

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – One-on-one brain training company LearningRx is sharing tips to help teens excel in high school. Here are some highlights from the article, “Helping Your Teen Excel in High School”:

  1. Host sleepovers or parties.The girl who throws the sleepover is rarely the one to be left out of things. For older kids, you may be willing to host a coed movie night or pool party. Just be sure everyone understands the rules in advance!
  2. Enroll them in personal brain training. If your teen struggles academically, take them to a one-on-one brain training center for a cognitive skills assessment. The assessment will tell you which cognitive skills—like attention, logic & reasoning, memory, processing speed, and visual and auditory processing—are weak. Once these skills are identified, a customized brain training program is created to help target those skills. The results can be life-changing!
  3. Encourage them to take leadership roles. Being involved in a lot of clubs and sports looks good on college applications, but leadership roles are even more impressive. Encourage your daughter to run for Student Council president or your son to offer to be team captain in Mathletes. Leadership roles build confidence, help them get to know more people and earns them respect among their peers and teachers.
  4. Download apps to help with time management and organization.
    With so much going on—tests, assignment deadlines, college applications, after-school activities—teens can always use a little help with organization and time management. Forget the “Trapper Keepers” of your generation and consider instead free or low-cost apps. You can read recommendations and reviews online or ask the most organized people you know (adults included!) how they stay so organized.
  5. Talk about personal responsibility. No one likes it when they mess up, but constantly blaming others for your mistakes doesn’t add to your character or credibility. Talk to your teen about peer pressure, risk-taking and taking responsibility for their actions. Help them understand why you or the coach or the school has consequences and that the rules are for everyone.

To see the article, visit: http://www.learningrxblog.com/2016/08/25/helping-your-teen-excel-in-high-school/

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