LearningRx reviews senior graduate’s brain training success

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LearningRx Personal Brain Training Reviews Student’s Success

Senior recites 30 digits of Pi … then “pies” her trainer!


COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO.– One-on-one brain training company LearningRx is celebrating the incredible success of Ms. Billie, who came to LearningRx for memory help and ended up recalling 30 digits of Pi for a contest—with only 24 hours’ notice!

As the LearningRx Hutchinson, Kansas center’s first student, Ms. Billie enrolled in one-on-one brain training because she didn’t want to “get old” and knew that her mind wasn’t what it used to be. Her ability to remember names was especially important to her, as she likes to make everyone feel important.

After completing personal brain training with LearningRx, Ms. Billie not only improved her memory, but also her confidence. She no longer feels overwhelmed by tasks or when “life” happens because she knows she’s capable of handling it.

Before LearningRx, Ms. Billie said she felt “small and incapable,” but now she feels “capable and in control.”

Watch Ms. Billie reciting her 30 digits of Pi and getting “payback” on her trainer:


LearningRx highlights students’ successes from personal brain training by showcasing them in videos on http://studentshoutouts.com/. Videos are searchable by categories, such as improvement (e.g., attention, memory, reading) or age (e.g., kids, teens, adults, seniors).


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