LearningRx featured in Franchise Dictionary Magazine

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LearningRx was featured on page 26 of Franchise Dictionary Magazine in April 2018:


HOW COULD A SMART PERSON HAVE TROUBLE READING? THAT’S THE QUESTION that drove Kim Hansen’s father, Dr. Ken Gibson, to start LearningRx more than 35 years ago. “In the beginning we licensed our programs in hospitals and to doctors. Quickly, we realized that we could—and should—reach and help more families with loved ones who struggled to learn. We moved into a franchise model in order to have centers use our program and in turn, help people of all ages, primarily students, overcome their learning struggles,” Hansen says.

LearningRx helps people with challenges like ADHD, dyslexia, learning disabilities and traumatic brain injuries. Now CEO, Hansen attributes the company’s success to results. “Most people don’t know that there are two parts to smart: First, there is what you know, and then there is how you process information. We don’t r-teach what you should have learned the first time. Our program gets to the root of why a person might be struggling to learn. We train the key cognitive skills such as attention, speed and memory,” she says. “We have thousands of case studies that show improvement. We feel pride every time we add a new success story to our long history of helping the struggling learner.”

As with many educational franchises, successful franchisees are people who want to work for themselves and have an impact on their communities. but unlike other brands, many effective LearningRx franchisees started out as clients. Hansen says, “Some were so impressed with the results they saw in a loved one, they felt compelled to open a center and help others.”

For information, visit www.learningrx.com.