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What is ThinkRx?

ThinkRx1ThinkRx is a fully integrated system of drills and training exercises that are delivered in an intense, one-on-one environment, and are designed to attack and rapidly correct weak or underdeveloped cognitive learning skills. It is not designed to tutor or teach students academic subjects, rather it will develop the underlying skills required to learn effectively. Cognitive skills – auditory processing, visual processing, short and long term memory, comprehension, logic and reasoning, and attention skills – are fundamental to a person’s ability to receive, process, and retain information. The ThinkRx training program strengthens these skills, allowing the student to learn efficiently.

How It Works

Students begin their journey at LearningRx with an assessment of their existing cognitive abilities. This allows the experts at LearningRx to identify any weak cognitive skills. A custom training program is then designed to strengthen the weak skills and integrate and enhance the entire cognitive skill set.

Nonacademic Training

LearningRx does not teach academic subject matter; rather, it trains the underlying cognitive skills required to learn efficiently and effectively. The drills are structured in a nonacademic manner, using exercises not tied to an academic discipline. This enables us to counteract any frustrations an individual might typically have with trying to learn academic subjects, and turns the cognitive training into a positive and enjoyable experience.

A Powerful, Unique Methodology

Four fundamental training techniques are combined to set ThinkRx apart as an effective cognitive skills training program.

  • One-on-one Training: This creates an environment of individual support and attention that maintains an atmosphere of immediate positive reinforcement and error correction.
  • Sequencing: New exercises and training are introduced in a logical order from simple to complex. This enables quick mastery of new material and constant reinforcement of earlier training gains.
  • Loading: Individual training tasks are layered upon one another to progressively increase in difficulty. This promotes rapid mastery of skills and embeds the new skills at an automatic, subconscious level.
  • Intensity: Training is delivered at a rapid pace with techniques that create and maintain a high level of intensity. Students are pushed past their comfort zone to more challenging but achievable levels. They progress fast enough to see and enjoy the growth in their own ability, but not so fast that they become frustrated and discouraged.

Rapid Progress and Lasting Changes

These techniques are administered to the student over a 12-week period. Certified LearningRx trainers lead three, one-hour sessions each week with the student. Parents or guardians are required to provide an additional four hours of home training and reinforcement. Students in the program see significant improvements throughout training.


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What is ReadRx?

ReadRx1ReadRx is a revolutionary ‘sound-to-code’ accelerated reading program modeled after the process by which spoken language is first learned. Students who read below grade level are averaging over 3.6 years improvement in reading skill – in less than 5 months. It teaches reading and spelling concurrently through techniques that train students to accurately recognize and understand that letters and letter combinations stand for specific sounds of speech. The program can provide an incredible foundation in reading skills for those students just learning to read. It also aids individuals of all ages who struggle with reading difficulties, and is especially beneficial for student-readers who might have developed inefficient or inaccurate reading habits. The versatility of ReadRx is shown in that it can give a first grader a reliable reading system for life, and it can completely rebuild the faulty system of a lifelong struggling reader.

How It Works

ReadRx accelerated reading program is designed to integrate with, and build upon, the LearningRx cognitive enhancement program, ThinkRx. Studies indicate that 85% of students testing low on reading proficiency also have weak underlying cognitive skills, in particular auditory processing skills. ReadRx training is provided to students in conjunction with ThinkRx cognitive training. Students immediately begin to strengthen their auditory processing skills, the most critical skills required to read effectively. Time spent building a strong cognitive skill foundation through the ThinkRx training ensures that the student will have the tools required to efficiently learn and use the reading and spelling code presented in ReadRx.

Unique, strategic program design and one-on-one training techniques combine to set ReadRx apart as an effective accelerated reading program.

ReadRx Develops Underlying Skills Needed for Reading

ReadRx recognizes that some students do not bring sufficient cognitive skills to the task of learning the reading code quickly and efficiently. Even if the code is taught completely and sequentially, a student who has a severe auditory processing deficiency, or is not concentrating adequately, works too slowly, has poor memory skills, or cannot create good mental images, will complete lessons very slowly or exhibit poor retention. When these skills are in place, however, students learn rapidly. ReadRx has been designed to remedy these significant problem areas. It works in conjunction with ThinkRx to enhance:

  • Memory (the ability to remember the sound-symbol relationship)
  • Sound Segmenting (the ability to separate or “un-glue” sounds)
  • Sound Blending (the ability to put sounds together to form words)
  • Auditory Analysis (the ability to manipulate or analyze small changes in groups of sounds)
  • Processing Speed and Working Memory (the ability to retain incoming information and properly process it quickly)
  • Attention (the ability to stay on the given task in spite of distraction)
  • Visualization (the ability to create and use mental images)

ReadRx Is Properly Sequenced

To handle the complex logic of our alphabet code, a student must master each level of complexity in carefully sequenced steps.

ReadRx Starts With the Basics

To facilitate this, ReadRx starts with blending, segmenting, and sound analysis. To teach these skills needed for reading, nonsense words are used so students do not rely on their memory of known words. Practice is provided in segmenting words into isolated phonemes and blending isolated sounds into words. Encoding (spelling), decoding (reading), and writing exercises are used so that the reversibility of the code is made clear.

Some students struggle to correctly pronounce and differentiate between all of the sounds of the standard English language. These individuals get more direct instruction at a sensory level about how parts of the mouth (jaw, teeth, tongue, lips, vocal chords) interact to form the individual sounds.

ReadRx Progresses from the Simple to the Complex

ReadRx is both generally (in the overall layout) and specifically sequenced (in each individual lesson category) for maximum effect. Initially the twelve consonant sounds with only one main spelling – or one spelling by position in a word – are taught (‘d’ = /d/ as in ‘dog’ or ‘fed’). Then, the remaining twelve consonants and their most likely spelling are taught (/ch/ = ‘ch’ as in ‘chip’ or ‘much’). The 18 vowel sounds are also taught from simple to complex. First, sounds spelled with the five vowel letters are taught /a/ /e/ /i/ /u/ /o/. Then, the “e-controlled” sounds /a-e/ /ee/ /i-e/ /o-e/ /u-e/, followed by the ‘o’ vowels sounds: /oo/ /oo/ /ou/ /oi/. Finally the “vowel + r” sounds are taught (/er/ /or/ /ar/ /air/).

ReadRx Builds from the Most Probable to the Least Probable

After the student has learned the most probable spelling for each sound, the less probable, alternative spellings are introduced. For example, the /n/ sound can be represented by an ‘n’ (‘note’), ‘kn’ (‘knot’) or ‘gn’ (‘gnat’). These alternative spellings are taught from most likely to least likely. Through use and drill, the letter patterns and the probability of their appearance are stored in long-term memory. This enables an individual to choose the most likely spelling for a word, instead of randomly guessing.

ReadRx Presents the Alternatives and Overlaps…all Without Rule Memorization

Additional language complexities such as overlaps of the code (in which a letter or letter combination represents more than one sound) are also taught. For example, the letter ‘u’ can be involved in a number of different sounds: cut, full, cute, and ruin. Such overlaps often create problems when reading. Various exercises are utilized to quickly teach how letters overlap to produce various sounds as new vowel spellings are introduced. The ReadRx method of handling alternative spellings and code overlap without memorizing rules reduces “sight words” and “exceptions” that are required in many other reading systems by about 75%.

ReadRx Uses a Unique Methodology

Through carefully designed exercises presented in one-on-one training sessions, ReadRx embeds the standard English reading code to an automatic, subconscious level. This is in contrast to most programs that are designed to passively teach lessons that are easily forgotten in a short period of time. This distinctive is especially beneficial for older readers who have developed many bad reading habits, and could easily fall back into old ineffective reading patterns. ReadRx uses the following training techniques to produce fast, lasting results:

  • Immediate Feedback (one-on-one training allows for immediate correction of errors and encouragement of correct responses)
  • Concentration (the training drills require full attention which brings faster results because of less time off task)
  • Stretching (constantly pushing activities to more demanding levels that challenge or stretch the student’s skills to improve)
  • Loading (adding a task upon a task concurrently thus forcing automation and mastery of skills to a subconscious level)

By using these techniques, and by making the sequence of the reading and spelling lessons agree with the logic of our alphabetic system, ReadRx training results in rapid mastery and automation of spelling and reading skills.

The techniques are delivered to the student through one-on-one training over approximately 24 weeks. Certified LearningRx trainers lead three, one-hour sessions each week with the student. Parents or guardians are required to provide an additional four hours of home training and reinforcement. Beginning readers quickly establish good fundamental auditory and reading skills. Struggling students, upon beginning the program, see significant improvements quickly. Past frustrations and failures are naturally overcome. For these students, ReadRx training truly offers a second chance at fun, efficient reading.


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What is ComprehendRx?

ComprehendRx1ComprehendRx is a groundbreaking program that targets the core skills critical for reading comprehension. Going far beyond decoding written words, ComprehendRx strengthens key skills that enable a student to comprehend written materials and oral instructions faster and easier, to read faster, and to think more deeply and analytically about the material being presented. The result? Dramatically improved understanding, retention and application.
For readers who lack reading speed, who read well but can’t remember what they’ve read, or who have to read something more than once to grasp the meaning, ComprehendRx gets to the root of the problem with a proven, life changing solution.

How It Works

Students work one-on-one with LearningRx brain trainers, doing fast-paced, game-like exercises. Our brain trainers customize each session to keep the exercises fun but intense. In other words, students enjoy the process while being encouraged to work at the edge of their skills, stretching their abilities with every session.

ComprehendRx Develops Underlying Skills Needed for Reading Comprehension

  • Visualization: ComprehendRx strengthens visualization skills, which research shows is necessary for: comparing ideas, making analogies, connecting ideas, understanding abstractions, organizing meaning, and retaining information.
  • Reading Fluency: ComprehendRx creates gains in speed and accuracy, equipping students to devote less effort to decoding and more attention to comprehension.
    Vocabulary: ComprehendRx drills key high-frequency words and phrases for quick, accurate recognition.
  • Sequential Processing: ComprehendRx develops the critical ability to hold sequences of information in working memory while processing incoming new data.
  • Working Memory: ComprehendRx targets and strengthens working memory for better retention as that information is being compared, analyzed, connected and organized.
  • Reasoning: ComprehendRx improves reasoning, critical for analyzing, connecting, understanding and applying new information.
  • Metacognitive Strategies: ComprehendRx strengthens the ability to self-monitor success at understanding what’s being read, then make internal adjustments (in attention, reading speed, etc.) to self-correct and improve reading performance.

What Can It Do?

Reading without comprehension is missing the point. By dramatically improving visualization, memory, vocabulary and critical thinking skills, ComprehendRx gives students the tools they need for a lifetime of reading success and enjoyment.


What is MathRx?


MathRx develops the underlying cognitive skills that are required to efficiently and effectively learn mathematical concepts, solve problems, and perform mathematical calculations. While the exercises are generally non-academic, many drills are focused on developing numerical fluency, since children and adults with dyscalculia, poor executive function, and other severe math difficulties often struggle because of deficiencies in this core mathematical skill area. Numerical fluency and executive functioning skills are trained through a variety of increasingly challenging drills that also improve core cognitive components of efficient math performance such as:

  • Attention
  • Comprehension
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Inductive Reasoning
  • Logic and Reasoning
  • Memory (Working, Procedural, Iterative, and Visual) Numerical and Fractional
  • Fluency Planning Problem-Solving Visualization

It should also be noted that each exercise incorporates many of these elements as well as a higher-level planning component. Research has shown that those students who have superior planning functions are able to master mathematical concepts with far greater ease.


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What is LiftOff?


LiftOff is LearningRx’s early-start cognitive training program. Cognitive training has the potential to have its greatest impact early in a student’s life.

LiftOff is designed to build life-long cognitive strength in preschool through first grade students. Strong cognitive skills create the foundation for life-long learning.

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